What’s the difference between C-fold and multifold paper hand towels?

That’s a question you probably don’t hear often. In fact, many of us may have not even been aware that there was such a thing as C-fold or multifold paper hand towels. That’s because when shopping for paper towels, identifying the softest or most cost-effective product is usually the first consideration that comes to mind. However, there actually are some critical differences between sheets of paper hand towels that consumers should be aware of when the time comes to refill their dispensers. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can differentiate between the two. From the fold type to the dispensing style, Supplize is here to navigate all of the ways C-fold and multifold paper towels are unique from one another.

Paper Hand Towels: Fold

First, let’s discuss the fold.

In the world of paper hand towels, fold refers to the way a towel is folded up in the packs. This impacts the way a towel comes out of the dispensers.

C-fold towels have tabs that are folded in on each other to form a “C” shape.

Multifold, or Z-fold, towels, have an extra fold, which creates a “Z” shape. These are dispensed one at a time.


High-traffic restrooms have a continuous flow of customers coming in and out. One way to ease up the congestion and reduce lines from forming is to install dispensers filled with towels that can be quickly distributed and used.

C-Fold Towels vs. Multifold Towels: Once installed in a dispenser, C-fold towels can be pinched to grab multiple at a time. This is more difficult to do with multifold towels because you can only get one at a time.

Keep in mind that when towels come out in clumps, this adds up to more wasted paper on the floor. This paper can get wet from the droplets of just-washed hands, which can equate to a messy restroom. Messy restrooms usually dampen your business’s image.


When a C-fold towel is pulled from a dispenser, the product is still folded up. As you pull on a multifold towel, the product opens up. This results in fewer towels needed to dry your hands.