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100% more fragrance than typical air fresheners. Lasts 30 days. Versatile design means it can be hung from anywhere, from toilet handles to storage closets. Spiced apple scent. Sold individually.

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  • The Eco Fresh Hang Tag is an easy-to-use room freshener that truly works anywhere. It contains 100% more fragrance than typical air fresheners and lasts for a full 30 days. Its versatility lets you hang it from all sorts of places, like doorstops, toilet handles, cabinets, corners, storage rooms, closets, paper towel dispensers, garbage cans, or even cut up in your vacuum cleaner. Compared to most gel or metered aerosol air fresheners, Eco Fresh Hang Tags are manufactured with 50% less energy. They also contain only one type of material, so no cleaning or separating is needed, and there are no harmful chemicals to dispose of. Hang Tags contain a tenth of the VOC's of most aerosols and are available for sale in all 50 states. Spiced apple scent. Sold by the individual hang tag.

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