Dented cans containing safe food are thrown away or returned every day. However, not all dents are created equal, and while some are certainly unacceptable, others -- minor dents -- are safe to ignore, as they don't compromise the integrity of the can's contents.

First and foremost, NEVER use food from containers that show signs of leaking, bulging, or rusting, or badly dented cans; canned food with a foul odor; or any container that spurts liquid when opening.

So, what exactly is acceptable and what should be returned to us here at Supplize? According to our vendor, Labatt Food Service, the following guidelines should be used to determine this:


If you receive a can that has any sort of dent on it, please compare it to the above chart to see if it is considered acceptable or unacceptable. If it is unacceptable, or if you have any questions or concerns about it, please call Supplize customer service at (830) 626-6000. We will evaluate all returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis.

Download these guidelines here.